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March 25, 2008, 6:31 am
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I got two books in the mail Tuesday, both of which I have agreed to “live-blog.” Blogging in general is not my first choice for recreation, but this might actually turn out to be interesting, if not for you then at least for me. And that’s what really matters, right?

The first book, which I hope to start tomorrow (probably Friday since I have stuff going on from the time I get home from work to late that night), is Taxpayers in Revolt. For all of you Twilight fans, this is what we call a non-fiction book, which means it has words about actual real things that actually happened, and there is probably no romantic nonsense, and there isn’t a “plot” to follow, but a whole bunch of facts and ideas related to the given topic. The given topic in this case is most likely to be the history of taxpayer rebellion during the 1930s depression. Hopefully there will also be some rationale as to why we should emulate our courageous ancestors. I know you can feel the excitement.

You should get on board this blog thing before I explode into the big time, otherwise you’ll look like some kind of lame bandwagon hopper.